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Baby London

Baby London

I decided it’s about time I introduce you to the newest member of our family, and the reason things have been so quiet around here for the past two months. Sweet London Jane made her way into our family on July 24th, 2019.

Baby LondonI was induced unexpectedly at four weeks early due to preeclampsia, which was quite the surprise. We didn’t even have our hospital bags packed yet. We didn’t have a car seat or a bassinet among other necessities. The nursery wasn’t even close to being ready. And my baby shower was planned for that weekend! I had so many things I was planning to get ready before my August 20th due date. Needless to say, I definitely felt very unprepared.

I had gone to my weekly appointment that morning only to be told I had to go to the hospital right away to have my blood pressure monitored. I didn’t think anything of it…

That is until we found out from the doctor that we would not be leaving the hospital without a baby in our arms. When we went to bed the night before we had NO idea our baby girl would be making her grand appearance so soon! But, I guess babies come on their own time. We joked that a certain someone just really wanted to be at her own baby shower!

After 16 hours of labor, London finally arrived at 5:18 AM weighing in at 5 pounds 3 ounces and 17.75 inches. She was certainly a tiny little thing (my little five-pound bag of flour), but she has since made up for it by doubling her birth weight in her first two months of life (stop growing up so fast!).

We love our little girl to pieces and can’t wait for many more adventures to come!

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