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Visiting Seattle: Pike Place Market


Jacob and I had the chance to go on a last minute trip to Seattle this past weekend. We were lucky enough to find some time to visit Pike Place Market, which felt like a blast from the past since we were there together almost three years ago! For those who aren’t familiar with the market, Pike Place is a public market that overlooks the Elliot Bay in Seattle. The market opened in 1907 and is one of the oldest farmer’s markets in the United States. On any given day the market is packed with over 200 vendors selling all sorts of goodies including beautiful flower bouquets (which, by the way, only cost $15 each and are much more impressive than bouquets you will find at the grocery store!), fresh apple cider, an assortment of berries and honey, and unique hand-crafted items from leather dog collars to hand-painted pottery. Of course you can’t forget the wide array of seafood and the guys throwing fish back and forth to each other, which is quite the sight to see.


The market opens at 7 am when vendors are able to start selling produce and seafood, but the general merchant hours aren’t until 10 am. Although the market closes at 6 pm, I suggest coming early in the morning as it can get really crowded in the afternoon. The neat thing about Pike Place is that it isn’t any normal farmer’s market. The market is opened 363 days a year, closed only for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, so if you have a craving for some fresh honey or seafood you’ll be able to get it almost everyday during the year.


When you go to Pike Place, give yourself plenty of time to explore the nine-acre historic market (including the downstairs that has quite a few shops and restaurants). The produce, flowers and seafood, as well as most of the other food sold at the market are local to Washington, and the crafts and art pieces are all hand-made by local artists, which really makes Pike Place truly unique. Be sure to come with an appetite, as the market has over 80 restaurants. It is a great place to grab a bite to eat.


Pike Place is a must-see when visiting Seattle. If you are lucky enough to live in or near Seattle, I would recommend picking up one of the gorgeous flower bouquets and some fresh seafood as the prices and quality can’t be beat (what I would’ve done to bring some flowers and halibut home, but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have stood a chance going through airport security). No need to fret if you are in my same boat, many of the vendors are able to ship their products (yes, including seafood!), so if you see something that catches your eye you might still have a chance at getting it home!

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    Nancy Christensen
    May 6, 2016 at 7:39 am

    Hi Ash, we were in Seattle years ago. We went to Pike Place Market,it was so fun. We ate ate at one of their sea food resturants,the best fish ever. We loved all the beautiful flowers. We sure have fun reading your blog,I am going to make some of the eclairs today for Grandpa,he loves them. It is a cool rainy day today,looks like Seattle,haha!! Have a great day! Love you so much. Grandma C.

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