Crazy Mint Chocolate Shake

Crazy mint chocolate shake in a glass.

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Don't just save the milkshakes for summer, this over the top crazy mint chocolate shake is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth any time of the year!


  • mint chocolate chip ice cream
  • milk
  • vanilla frosting
  • mint Oreos, crushed
  • whipped cream
  • chocolate syrup
  • chocolate chips
  • ice cream sandwich


  1. Spread vanilla frosting on the rim of a milkshake glass, about 1/4 inch thick. Press Oreo pieces into the frosting until it is completely covered.
  2. Add several scoops of ice cream and a little milk to a blender. Add in additional ice cream/milk to reach desired consistency.
  3. Pour the shake into the prepared glass. Add whipped cream on top. Drizzle with chocolate syrup and top with chocolate chips. 
  4. Top with an ice cream sandwich and mint Oreo, if desired. Serve with a fun straw!


This recipe can easily be adjusted depending on the number of servings you would like to make.


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