Tropical Overnight Oats

A bowl of overnight oats on a white surface.

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Tropical overnight oats is a healthy and delicious breakfast option packed with tropical flavors. Simply mix and refrigerate overnight for a super easy and satisfying breakfast in the morning.



1 cup rolled oats

1 cup almondmilk coconutmilk blend

1/2 cup vanilla Greek yogurt

2 teaspoon chia seeds

1 tablespoon honey, maple syrup or agave nectar

1 tablespoon coconut flakes

Favorite tropical fruit (kiwi, mango, pineapple, banana, etc.), cut into bite-sized pieces


1. In a bowl, mix together rolled oats, almond milk blend, Greek yogurt, chia seeds, and sweetener of choice.

2. Transfer to an airtight container. Refrigerate overnight.

3. In the morning, remove the container from the refrigerator and transfer to two bowls.

4. Add additional almond milk, if desired, before topping with fresh fruit and coconut.


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