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Eating in Seattle: Ivar’s


The beautiful city of Seattle is known for many things: rain, mountains, coffee, etc., but one of my favorite parts of the city is the seafood. When I visit Seattle, I have to go out of my way to get some good seafood. Seafood is always better when you are near the ocean and being from the landlocked state of Utah, it is near impossible to find seafood that is even worth buying. In Seattle, you really can’t go wrong with any of the seafood options lining Elliott Bay. Whether you choose to buy your seafood fresh from Pike’s Place or you sit down at a restaurant on one of the piers, I guarantee you’ll find something that you love.


One of my favorite seafood restaurants in Seattle is Ivar’s. The nautical themed restaurant, which opened in 1938, serves up some delicious clam chowder and fish n’ chips. The menu items are moderately priced, which makes it a perfect option if you don’t want to spend a fortune on lunch or dinner. The restaurant is located on Pier 54 and can usually be seen with a line of people ordering food from the outside counter and others feeding the hoards of seagulls their leftovers (which the restaurant actually encourages!).


The best part about ordering seafood from Ivar’s (or any restaurant on the pier) is that it’s all fresh. Nothing has to be frozen and shipped, which makes the food at Ivar’s really good. Ivar’s serves a wide variety of seafood including appetizers like calamari and mussels, chowders, salads and everything from halibut to salmon and shrimp. The hardest part about eating at Ivar’s? Deciding what to choose from their wide selection of delicious seafood!


Ivar’s includes both a restaurant with indoor seating and a lovely view of the bay or an outdoor counter where you order your food and can sit on the balcony to enjoy the fresh ocean air (and the seagulls of course). Either way, you’ll enjoy the food that Ivar’s has to offer. Obviously if you sit down inside, your meal will end up being a bit more expensive than if you choose the grab n’ go option, so if you are on a budget I’d recommend ordering outside. The prices aren’t too bad for some good seafood, ranging anywhere from $6 for clam chowder to $29 for some house-smoked halibut.

Seattle has some great seafood and Ivar’s is definitely worth trying!

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